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Have a dream that you have kicking around?   Want to get started?  Look Inside.


Draw It

Build It





So many things to do, so little time to get them all done.

Looking to spruce up your kitchen?  Need help with your spring clean- up.  Want help setting up for a special event?  Maybe even walking your dogs. 

I can help.



Here is a short list of what I can help you with.  If you don't see want you want, just ask. 

‣  Landscaping


Put your ideas to paper.  Nothing needs to be fancy.  As long as you know what you want.




It won't take long before your dream is turned into your reality, and you take all the credit.


‣  Pressure Washing

‣  Carpentry

‣  Plumbing

‣  Electrical

‣  Moving

‣  Outdoor furniture

‣  Mowing & Trimming

‣  Cleaning


Holding off on a project because it seems like too much work?  Don't think you have enough time to get it done?  Can't find someone you can trust?  Or maybe you just think you can't.  My name is P.J. Morrison, and I can help.  I have over 14 years of experience in home remodeling, landscaping, pressure washing, painting, and much more.  I have a wide variety of tools to make your TO-DO LISTyour DONE LIST.  I will come to you, listen to your ideas, discuss your plans, and answer any questions for FREE.


My Rates are based by the hour, the day, or the project.  For a quick job I charge $39.95 an hour.  A six  hour day would only be $200.00 (this can be split into two days). For bigger projects I will work with your budget.  I can do all the work myself, but you can keep costs down by hiring me as your helper, and take ALL the credit.  I have the paper work to show I am fully insured too.



The Handy Dandy Man

Plan It

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